7 Kitchen Trends to Watch For in 2024: Our Predictions for Massachusetts

As we step into a brand-new year, it’s time to explore the exciting kitchen trends that will define 2024 in the Bay State.  From popular design styles to cabinet colors and hardware choices, here are the top predictions we think will continue to make a splash in the new year.  Whether you’re embarking on a kitchen remodel or simply searching for inspiration, these trends are sure to elevate your home to new heights.

  1. Minimalist Modernism: This design style continues to gain momentum and we don’t see it slowing down in 2024. This style offers clean lines, open feel, and a sleek aesthetic.  Expect to see simple handles or handle-less cabinetry, clutter free countertops, and clean line appliances.  This trend emphasizes functionality and an uncluttered look.
  2. Beige and Bold Cabinet Colors for Kitchens: We predict that consumers may ditch the traditional white cabinetry and finally embrace other neutral tones like beige for the classic kitchen look. We also predict that the use of bold and vibrant colors will continue to be seeing in the Bay State kitchens.  Deep blues, rich emerald greens, and the ever so dramatic black will be on trend.  We recommend experimenting with two-tone cabinets, pairing a bold color with a neutral hue for a striking visual impact, if a bold color may be too much for you.
  3. Statement Countertops: Make a statement in your new kitchen with your countertops by choosing unique and eye-catching materials. Look out for exotic marble with interesting veining, or honed finishes for a textured and sophisticated look.  We predict that the man-made quartz surfaces with patterns made to resemble the natural stones will continue to be prominent in the kitchen market due to it’s ease on maintenance.  These dramatic countertops will become the focal point of your kitchen.
  4. Kitchen Backsplashes: In the Bay State we have encountered a number a homeowners opting for the ease of cleaning and the stunning look of extending the countertop material on the backsplash area of the kitchen.  Some homeowners still use tiles, but we see them choosing ceramic tiles with a handmade feel to them for a more elevated look and installed in a  simple pattern.
  5. Sustainable and Durable Flooring: Massachusetts homeowners love using long-lasting materials for their homes and the kitchen is no different. We predict that we will continue to see the use of natural or reclaimed wood floors in the kitchen.  This trend has been popular for many years now and it is due to the durability and warmth of the wood floors.  We still see the use of large format porcelain tiles with natural slate or stone patterns taking second place to the wood.
  6. Mixed Metals: Incorporating a variety of metals in your kitchen design will continue to trend in 2024. Combining different finishes like brushed nickel, matte black, and warm brass can visually create an interesting contrast.  Mix metals in faucets, lighting fixtures, and cabinet hardware for a personalized look.
  7. Smart Kitchen Integration: Make your kitchen an intelligent hub with smart appliances and integrated technology. From touch faucets to hands-free lighting controls to smart refrigerators with built-in screens, these innovations will enhance convenience and functionality in a kitchen.

With 2024 around the corner, these 7 kitchen trends are set to dominate the design landscape.  From minimalist modernism to beige cabinet colors to mixed metals, each trend offers unique elements to elevate your kitchen.  Embrace the future of kitchen design and create a space that is not only functional but also visually stunning.  Our team of experts will help you design your kitchen with these trends or create your own unique space customized just for you.  Call us to reserve your consultation spot.