Andover Kitchen Remodel: Transforming a Dated Space into a Dream Family Hub (Andover, MA)

Looking to create a kitchen that’s the heart of your Andover, MA home? Look no further! In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey of transforming a dated kitchen into a beautiful and functional space perfect for families.

A Home with Potential:

Our clients, a young couple with a growing family, found a gem in a competitive Andover real estate market.  The 1976 colonial house had potential, but its closed-off layout, outdated finishes (think vinyl flooring and wallpaper!), and lack of an open floor plan didn’t quite match their vision.

Previous Client Satisfaction Leads to New Project:

Having previously delighted their parents with a kitchen renovation in Acton, MA, they entrusted us with transforming their Andover home.

From Enclosed to Open and Functional:

The key to unlocking this kitchen’s potential lay in creating a more open and functional space. We:

  • Redesigned the layout: Improved flow and accommodated existing appliances.
  • Opened up the walls: Created an inviting open floor plan with a central island.
  • Maximized Counter Space: The island provided extra counter space and storage.

Stunning Design Elements:

  • Luxurious Quartzite Countertops: Added a touch of elegance and durability.
  • Two-toned Shiloh Cabinets: Polar White perimeter cabinets contrasted beautifully with the Naval island.
  • Eye-Catching Backsplash: Decorative tile added a pop of personality.
  • Statement Pendant Lights: Elegantly illuminated the island.
  • Warm Oak Flooring: Provided a timeless foundation.

Beyond Aesthetics: Functionality Matters

The remodel wasn’t just about looks; it was about creating a space that catered to their lifestyle:

  • Large Island Seating: Comfortably accommodated four for meals or casual gatherings.
  • Beverage Center: A dedicated area for coffee, drinks, and easy access to essentials.
  • Storage Solutions: Shelving and storage areas kept the kitchen organized.

A Kitchen for Making Memories:

This new kitchen is more than just a place to cook; it’s a hub for family life, entertaining friends, and creating lasting memories.

  • Warm and Welcoming: The perfect place to unwind after a long day.
  • Family-Friendly: Provides ample space for family meals and activities.
  • Neighborhood Hotspot: The kitchen is sure to become the go-to gathering spot.

Working with Professionals You Can Trust:

We’re grateful for the opportunity to work with this wonderful family. Their project highlights the importance of partnering with experienced professionals who prioritize quality and client satisfaction.

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