9 Kitchen Projects That Don’t Align with Wayside Kitchens’ Quality Standards

Welcome back to Wayside Kitchens, we are committed to delivering exceptional kitchen transformations.  On this blog we want to shed some light on 9 projects that, unfortunately, don’t fall within our recommended scope.  Let’s dive in and explore why these ventures may not be the best idea for your kitchen or our reputation!

  1. Reface Cabinets: Refacing cabinets is a temporary solution that may mask underlaying issues, such as structural integrity or outdated design.  We pride ourselves on designing kitchens that stand the test of time, ensuring long-term satisfaction for our clients.
  2. Replace Countertops: While replacing countertops may seem like a straightforward task, it often underestimates all the trades involved in such project like the removal and disposal of the old countertops to allow template of the new stone, plumbing, electrical, and carpentry work.  A countertop replacement overlooks the potential of a full kitchen remodel.  At Wayside Kitchens we believe in creating spaces that marry functionality and aesthetics in a cohesive manner.
  3. Paint Existing Cabinets: Although painting cabinets can offer a quick refreshment, it doesn’t always address the root of the problem-outdated or inefficient layouts.  Our approach focuses on comprehensive solutions that maximize both style and functionality.
  4. Kitchen Repairs: Fixing isolated kitchen issues might be a band-aid solution to a bigger problem.  These are signs that your cabinets or kitchen materials are at the end of their life.  We believe in thorough assessments and comprehensive remodels that truly enhance your kitchen experience.
  5. Partial Kitchen Remodeling: Partial Kitchen remodeling can create an imbalance between new and existing elements, resulting in a disjointed look.  At Wayside Kitchens we strive for cohesive and harmonious design throughout your entire kitchen space.
  6. Cabinet Repairs: Repairing old cabinets can be challenging and may compromise the overall visual appeal and quality of your kitchen.  Our company focuses on creating customized and functional cabinetry designs that are built to last.
  7. Fit New Appliances into Your Old Kitchen: Integrating new appliances into an old kitchen without considering fit, electrical, and plumbing requirements might lead to costly complications.  We believe in creating designs that are tailored to accommodate your specific appliance needs.
  8. Install a Backsplash: Installing a backsplash alone might not result in a cohesive kitchen design or achieving the look you want.  We prioritize holistic transformations that seamlessly integrate every element, including backsplashes, into the overall aesthetic.
  9. Floor Tile Repairs: Patching up individual tiles might seem like a quick fix, but it could lead to inconsistencies in both appearances and long-term durability.  We are committed to providing flawlessly designed and executed floor work as part of our comprehensive kitchen remodels. 

There you have it! Projects, that we at Wayside Kitchens don’t recommend to ensure the highest quality standards for your kitchen and maintain our reputation as the premier kitchen remodeling company.  If you are looking for a comprehensive kitchen transformation that truly brings your vision to life, contact us today!